About Informant Networks

Informant Networks believes that traditional network based defense solutions are not in keeping with today's ever changing threat landscape. To solve this problem, we started from a clean slate. Months of research and development effort into solving even the edge cases of the problems faced by organizations led us us to develop an array of products and services that help you achieve the goal of knowing everything that happens on your network. whilst keeping a strict guideline on product quality and making sure that all the product features work every single time. No conditions applied.

We have developed the best in class network monitoring and filtering solution that can be used by organizations of all sizes, from SOHO, MSMEs and large organizations, our products have been deployed at each of those vantage points and produced value in under a few hours.

We also knew from the begining that a product deployed by itself will be outdated in a few weeks. To make sure our customers are protected against the newest threats in the world, our team runs and maintains a Threat Intelligence database that fuels all our products with new updates every hour, going beyond tradidtional security mechanisms and hence always staying one step ahead to defend our customers.

  • November 2015

    Registered as a firm under
    the name ‘Informant Networks’

  • December 2015

    First deployment of flagship product

  • June 2016

    Acquired the SkyWall business arm
    of LinkEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • April 2017

    40+ customers protected against
    over 2,00,000 unique threats

  • Now

    Preparing for the
    next milestone