Managed Operational Security Security first platform developed to host your applications

Key Features:

  • Higher SEO ranks since all machines have a unique IP
  • Easier SSL Certificate Deployment
  • Zero hassle hosting with automated deployments. i.e. more concentration on core business
  • Weekly Full Data Backups
  • Minute to minute monitoring of the status of the sites
  • Daily updates to servers, application of patches, monitor of DoS and DDoS and application updates

Product Details

Managed Operational Security(MOS) is a service offered by Informant Networks where-in a set of services i.e. Websites, Email Services, File Sharing is hosted securely by us and all measures are taken to assure security and integrity of such services.

All services are hosted on the cloud that takes advantage of software and procedures developed by Informant Networks to protect critical assets against attacks. For example to protect websites from being defaced, to protect your servers from being compromised and be part of an attack on someone else.

Offering Basic Single Site Basic Cluster Medium Single Site Medium Cluster Advanced Single Site Advanced Cluster
DDoS Mitigation
Continious Site Monitoring
Site Integrity Monitoring
DDoS Mitigation
Site Backups
Load Balancing
Staging Servers
Version Control
Transfer Limit 2 TB 2 TB 3 TB 3 TB Unlimited Unlimited
Unique IP Address
Auto rollback
Support 5x9 5x9 5x9 5x9 5x9 5x9
Customizations available