Data Security Appliance Your critical assets protected

Key Features:

  • Protection against Ransomware/Wipeware attacks
  • Fully automated backups with zero user intervention
  • Selective access control to your data
  • One click restore
  • Add capacity anytime
  • Zero human involvement

Product Details

Data is an integral part of every institution and is an invaluable asset to every organization. It becomes increasingly important that any form of your data is protected against machine failure and unauthorized access. Our Data Security Appliance allows fine grained control over which individuals can access selective portions of your data. It also allows for fully automated backups so that you can resume business in a few minutes after a machine failure. We also protect you against rogue entities in your organization which would delete valuable information thereby causing you to lose the edge over your competition or spend time in re-creating the data.

Appliance Series DSA15 DSA50 DSA100
Raw Storage Capacity (TB) Upto 15 Upto 50 Upto 100
Disk Speed 75 MB/s 100 MB/s 300 MB/s
Network 1G 1G 10G
SSD Cache Backing Optional
Hot Swap Optional
Disk Mirroring
Backup Interval 20 mins 60 mins Realtime