Bandwith Aggregator Appliance Never be offline

Key Features:

  • Combines bandwidth from multiple ISPs
  • Enables you to be constantly connected to the Internet
  • Makes use of all your ISPs bandwidth
  • Ensures zero downtime on your network

Product Details

The ever increasing dependency of businesses to the cloud makes it critical to always stay connected to the Internet. This may be problematic if your business is not conveniently located for your ISP to provide a reliable internet connection. Our bandwidth aggregator appliances ensure that you can utilize multiple heterogeneous internet links to always stay connected incase one of them fails. The bandwidth aggregator ensures that all internet links are utilized and to fall back to active links incase one goes down.

Appliance Series AGGR4A AGGR4B AGGR6A AGGR6B
Throughput (Mbps) 900 900 900 900
Site-to-Site IPSec
VLAN Support
Support 5x10 5x10 5x10 5x10
Form Factor 1U Rack 1U Rack 1U Rack 1U Rack
GbE Ports 4 4 6 6
SFP+ Ports 0 0 0 0/2