Remote Office Connectivity Appliance Never be offline

Key Features:

  • Unceasing connection with the main office server
  • Establish secure communications at all times
  • Allow people in branch offices to use and maintain secure access to main office data.
  • Reduce complication of multiple connections
  • Monitor remote offices without a separate firewall of its own

Product Details

The evolving nature of business across the globe makes it necessary for them to reach every corner of the world to provide ease of access to their clientele. In this context, head offices of major organisations opt in for relatively smaller branch offices across multiple locations. Our remote office appliance adds value to your current appliance by reducing the cost and complications of multiple connections and provides secure connection to all branch offices to remotely connect to the main server at the head office. This allows the head office to monitor all communications over the entire network and also allows the branch offices to access all information on the main server without any compromise to data security

Appliance Series RMO-1 RMO-2
Throughput (Mbps) 200 600
Site-to-Site IPSec
VLAN Support
Wireless Support 802.11 g/n
Support 5x10 5x10
Form Factor 7.81 x 4.45 x 1.0 inches 1U Rack
GbE Ports 4 6
SFP+ Ports 0 2